The best smartphone decibel meter apps to measure noise levels

Every day, every minute and even every second you hear many sounds that hum, buzz, and ring. Most of them have a safe noise level and some are harmful having very loud noise level. It’s very necessary for you to keep the balance of the sound i.e your hearing health.

With the advancement of growing technology, you are capable of bringing balance to your daily life and by increasing the awareness of the availability of the applications you are able to do it on your own. Decibel meter app is the example of comfort and technology, which are used to calculate the Noise Level.

The short hairs present inside your ear canal are required to transmit an electrical signal to your brain. These short hairs when coming in contact with extremely loud sounds, then that noise can destroy these delicate hair cells, resulting in hearing loss and even annoying tinnitus, or ringing in the ears can take place.

The Best Smartphone Decibel Meter Apps

There are numbers of applications launched on many platforms like Google Play Store, iTunes for measuring the noise levels in which some of the best ones are listed below:

  • Decibel X

  • Sound Meter

  • dB Volume Meter

  • Sound meter pro

  • Noise hunter

  • Too noisy pro

Decibel X:    Available on iTunes  & Google Play

                Decibel X are used for measuring noise level in the surrounding and this sound level are called as sound level meter, decibel(dB) meter, noise meter, sound pressure level (SPL) meter and to help you measure & detect environmental noise. Decibel X” is a noise meter apps on the market that has highly reliable, pre-calibrated measurements and supports dBA, dBC. It converts your device into a sound level meter, which then calculates the sound pressure level (SPL) all around you.

Some of the unique factors of “Decibel X” is:

  • Trusted, Reliable Accuracy
  • Frequency Weighting Filters
  • Beautifully Crafted UI/UX
  • Insta Decibel
  • Graphs
  • Apple Watch Support
  • Smart History Data Management

Sound Meter:   Available on  Google Play

It shows a decibel value by measuring the environmental noise, displays measured dB values in various forms. You can experience tidy graphic design with high frame by this smart sound meter app.

Some of the unique factors of “Sound Meter” is:

  • Indicates decibel by gauge
  • Display the current noise reference
  • Display min/avg/max decibel values
  • Display decibel by a graph
  • Can calibrate the decibel for each device

Note: Not suitable for measuring very high noise levels.

dB Volume Meter:    Available on iTunes

  dB Volume Meter provides us a very simple & fun way to measure audio volumes in db of  your environment. This app is mainly intended for fun, educational purposes, not for professional-level operations. This app gives a person with disability a proper estimation of the environmental sound levels so that you can move to safety when the volume level is too high or too low.

(150-160)db = Eardrum rupture

20 db = Threshold of human hearing.

Sound meter pro:  Available on  Google Play

It utilizes your smartphone microphone to calculate the sound pressure level and noise level with reference to generally known noise or displays the last 30 seconds of app use on easily readable graph. The maximum noise is limited and very loud sounds cannot be recognized( max. Up to 100 db).

Noise hunter:   Available on iTunes

Noise Hunter is the most high-grade sound level meter (decibel meter) in the App Store. It allows everybody to objectively judge noise. It visualizes the sources of sound and defines the positions of the sources.

The app transforms each handfull electronic device like phones and ipads into a high-quality measuring device featuring a lot of practice-oriented functions. This app is provided with 4+ rating from the apple users on itunes. And This mobile application uses beamforming technique to define each and every sound sources measured by multi microphones array.

Too noisy pro:    Available on iTunes  and Google Play

 To noisy pro are the mobile applications which Displays the results graphically of  the background noise level in a room in a fun and engaging way. Audible Alarm and session timer are the new update on it. This is a fun app that children may enjoy and respond to.

It’s an appropriate way for any adult who needs to control the levels of noise of a group of children. Teachers can use this to keep watch on the sound levels in the classrooms and control the noise level. The user can adjust the sensitivity of the app accordingly and it is a paid app.