HGH Shots vs. Sermorelin Injections

One interesting thing that doctors learned during the treatment of HGH deficiency was that, among patients dealing with issues related to age related hormone decline – the human pituitary still retain the ability to produce human growth hormone when adequately stimulated. Further research showed that somatopause is not caused by pituitary insufficiency but it is actually due to a lack of signaling from a major precursor hormone known as growth hormone releasing hormone or G. H. R. H.

This led to the development of a second treatment for each change therapy that is also popular today, known as Sermorelin Acetate Therapy. Sermorelin is the recombinant analogue G. H. R. H and it was discovered that for patients suffering from somatopause, Sermorelin was equally effective as HGH humatrope 72 iu if not superior in some cases.

HGH Therapy with HGH Shots and Sermorelin Injections

So now you’re up to date. For patients dealing with the struggles of somatopause. Sermorelin and bio identical HGH are the primary methods available for relief from the frustrating condition. Both treatments are delivered subcutaneously just beneath the skin using the same type of needle used by those that require insulin. Subcutaneous injections are nearly painless and they’re also tools and products available to increase ease of use and eliminate discomfort.

How to Get HGH Deficiency Treatment?

To attain HGH or Sermorelin, you have to get a prescription from a licensed medical doctor. Reputable hormone therapy clinic works with doctors in your area for evaluation of your personal need for HGH therapy. They offer both Sermorelin and human growth hormone as well as other treatments for hormone imbalance, deficiency and wellness enhancement.

To have your exchange levels measured, a blood sample is required. With a comprehensive hormone panel, it’s possible to evaluate the blood sample for a variety of different markers for health and hormone balance allowing for a complete and fully informed diagnosis. After your home a doctor has discussed the results with you in detail and gone over your options, he/she will design a plan to help you make the most of your HGH therapy as well as write your prescription.

Many Hormone doctors work with specialty pharmacies that focus on bio identical hormones and related medical treatments. Prescriptions can be delivered to your home in a matter of days.

How Long Until You See Results?

Because of the way that HGH functions in the human body, the significant in health benefits of human growth hormone injection therapy – you can get humatrope for sale online – it takes time to showcase themselves. Over the course of the first week or so, you should start noticing changes in energy level and focus but many other benefits take weeks or months to develop.

Your body has gone without sufficient human growth hormone for an extended period and certain advantages like increased muscle mass, faster healing and increased fat metabolism take more time to accrue to your benefit. A significant portion of patients experience massive physiological benefits from treatment over the course of around 6-months – check hgh for sale online and get high quality hgh.

Should I Start HGH Therapy?

The only way to know for sure if you are a viable candidate for human growth hormone restoration, is a talk to a medical professional that specializes in hormone therapy or hormone related disorders. Only with the help of a trained professional, can you discover your need for bio identical HGH and whether you are a safe candidate for treatment. If you’d like to speak with a board certified hormone specialist, you can get a free consultation online.