What Is Dubai Expo 2020 All About?

Dubai Expo 2020 is likely to bring myriad of opportunities for the businesses and startups of the continent. It is the first International Business Festival of its kind in MESA (Middle East South Asia) region. Those who want to visit Dubai for finding business opportunities must consider going there from between April 2020 to October 2021, as they can find a lot of stuff of their interest.

Inside Dubai Expo 2020

Let’s have a look at what Dubai Expo 2020 is all about and how it matters to those who want their ideas to become practical.

The site for Dubai Expo that stretches midway between Dubai and UAE is spread over an area of 1038 acres. Dubai which is developing at the rapid pace is investing in many projects related to real estate, solar power, tourism and many others. It aims to become the happiest city by 2020.

Apart from Dubai, the other bidders for the World Expo 2020 were the cities like Izmir, Yekaterinburg and Sao Palo.

How Dubai Expo 2020 aims at sustainable economic development is evident from its themes and sub-themes.

Connecting Minds Creating Future

The theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds Sharing Future. As the slogan indicates, the festival aims to offer a platform where startups, businesses, and various ideas come together, where mentors inspire the youth and where new entrants get to learn from the experiences from others. The businesses from all over the world will take part in the Expo. Hence, the future generations who are looking for making a difference through their creations will get to learn something new from what the leaders have been doing. They will come to realize the gaps that need to be filled.

Sub-Themes of Dubai Expo 2020

The sub-themes of Dubai Expo 2020 are an opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. All three themes focus on what we need to create, how the creations and innovations need to be delivered and finally how they will be sustainable enough. In fact, it is the sustainability which is the pressing issue of the modern times due to threats like climate change. So, Dubai Expo is also taking care of leaving no environmental impact of the event.

No doubt already established businesses from almost all over the world will be taking part and showcasing their innovations and products. But these are the small business owners, startups and the youngsters who want to make a lesson through mutual interaction.